Supporting the USNA Alumni Association Cleveland Chapter's Missions
The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association is a non-profit organization with a primary mission to serve and support the United States, the Naval Service, the Naval Academy and the members:

  • By communicating the message of the Naval Academy to the area alumni.
  • To interest and guide young men and women who desire a naval career and who give promise of being a credit to the Naval Service.
  • Initiating and sponsoring activities which will: a) Perpetuate the history, traditions, and memories of the Naval Academy, b) Strengthen the Naval Academy, and c) Bind alumni together in support of the highest ideals of command, citizenship, and government.
  • Encourage and facilitate: a) Friendships and associations, b) Mentoring and advising relationships, and c) Aid to the members.
The Cleveland Chapter connects Cleveland-area Service Academy graduates with local companies and the community through active business networking, bringing benefits to both our Chapter members and to the community as a whole. As a brotherhood of former military leaders now positioned in various private, corporate, and government roles, we have the opportunity and ability to provide networking, referrals, and relationship-building activities for our membership to help develop or advance their careers.
The Cleveland Chapter is also expanding their network outreach to provide a portal for local companies to find and hire military veterans for their workforce, and to assist returning veterans by relaying sources and career information to aid in their entry or re-entry to the civilian workforce.
The Cleveland Chapter organizes formal, structured networking meetings as well as less-structured activities which promote community and business networking between Chapter members and leaders of the community. By becoming more involved in the local area, the Cleveland Chapter can have a greater impact and effectiveness to local businesses, and provide more networking benefits to returning veterans.
If you, as an individual or company, would like to support the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Cleveland Chapter's efforts in achieving our mission, your assistance would be welcome thorough:
Contact us with your feedback/suggestions or to volunteer your time or venue for a future meeting.
Wayne Bergman '75, President
Phone: (440) 570-3564, or
Bruce Bille '82, Vice President
Phone: (330) 333-0397
Your financial support to continue our networking events.
You determine the amount you wish to donate.
Credit cards and PayPal payment accepted.


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